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The Regulation Of Foundations And Load-Bearing Walls

Rules, obligations, and procedures concerning foundations and supporting structures

Guarantors of the good architectural integration of the building in its environment and its solidity over time, the technical and urban planning rules are essential in any construction project. Discover all the steps to take and all the precautions to take in case of construction, renovation or transformation of your home.

The rules differ according to the nature of the works: construction and renovation do not obey the same constraints.

Regulation Of Construction Work

Local Urban Plan (PLU)

The PLU defines the construction rules in each municipality: constructability, architecture, distance to be respected between 2 buildings, authorized surface, essential character or not of a preliminary geotechnical study. It is necessary to consult them to ensure that your construction project complies with the requirements of the PLU.

The Geotechnical Study

This soil survey is not mandatory for individuals, unless otherwise provided by the PLU or if the future construction is located on a municipality subject to the Natural Risk Prevention Plan (PPRN). Conducted by a geo-technician, its purpose is to study the risks related to the ground (stability, lift, humidity …) and the possible impact of the construction on the surrounding buildings. The geotechnical study leads to recommendations to carry out the project safely.

The permit to demolish, the building permit and the declaration of work

The steps to be taken depend on:

The nature of the job to be undertaken (demolition, construction)

The height of the structure and its surface

Rules set in the PLU

Depending on the area of the work, you must file a permit (building permit, permit to demolish …) or a prior declaration to your town hall.

The regulation of renovation or conversion work

In a condominium

Any project involving a modification of the distribution of the rooms (and therefore the feeling of partitions or walls) must be the subject of a file to be submitted to the approval of the meeting of co-owners.

It is advisable to consult a design office or an architect to verify that the changes will not affect the structure.

In a detached house

Interior work involving a modification of the living space (development of attics, extension …) must be indicated by a declaration of work or a building permit.

Changes in the appearance of the house are also subject to declaration.

In an individual dwelling, the creation of an opening in a load-bearing wall between two rooms is not subject to declaration. However, you must use a professional to evaluate the technical possibility.

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